Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

First, I would like to wish everyone a blessed All Saints Day! Second, I trust that you spent your All Hallows Eve (aka Halloween) dressing up and consuming absolutely as much candy as possible. I spent my evening handing out candy in my costume and then settling in to watch my favorite show, The Sing-Off! (While of course, eating leftover candy and assorted sweets that I had swiped from my dearest siblings.) Third, Happy November! For some people, and many of my crazy writer friends, today is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. For other people, and many of my crazy male friends, today is the beginning of No-Shave November.  For some reason, November seems to be a popular month to take on an absurd challenge with other unknown persons from around the nation.

I, myself have never participated in No-Shave November, nor do I plan to; but last year I did take part in, for the first time, National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as most participants endearingly call it). It was quite a challenge and I am sad to say that I didn't meet the 50,000 word goal that is typical to attempt to reach by the end of the month. I made it up to 20,000 words and I was 11 days in when writing 2,000 words a day just wasn't working for me anymore. This year, I've decided to pick up where I left off last year, and try to add 50,000 words to my already existing 20k. Hopefully I'll be posting regular updates on here. If not, just assume that my unfinished novel ate me.

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