Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Blog

Dearest blog and faithful followers, are you still there?

I am ever most pleased to find that my blog remains intact after nearly a year of neglect. As for my meager gathering of followers, their survival remains to be seen. Assuming you are still there and if you followed the directions from my last post (posted in NOVEMBER of last year) you assumed that my unfinished novel ate me. Alas, assumptions are dangerous and often tend to contain only shreds of truth. As for the assumption that I most recklessly suggested that you make, it does contain a bit of the truth. My novel, as of now, remains unfinished. I however, was eaten by a different beast entirely. Schoolwork. After surviving a most difficult digestion and being spat back out at the end of the school year, you should be glad to know that I have utilized the most auspicious time of the year endearingly called "summer" to recover from the harrowing experience.

The event that has returned my attention to the blogosphere was the creation of a blog by my dearest sister in Christ, Sarah. She's awesome so check her out at I know she'll be absolutely thrilled to find out that she has an audience. ;)

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