Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Blog

Dearest blog and faithful followers, are you still there?

I am ever most pleased to find that my blog remains intact after nearly a year of neglect. As for my meager gathering of followers, their survival remains to be seen. Assuming you are still there and if you followed the directions from my last post (posted in NOVEMBER of last year) you assumed that my unfinished novel ate me. Alas, assumptions are dangerous and often tend to contain only shreds of truth. As for the assumption that I most recklessly suggested that you make, it does contain a bit of the truth. My novel, as of now, remains unfinished. I however, was eaten by a different beast entirely. Schoolwork. After surviving a most difficult digestion and being spat back out at the end of the school year, you should be glad to know that I have utilized the most auspicious time of the year endearingly called "summer" to recover from the harrowing experience.

The event that has returned my attention to the blogosphere was the creation of a blog by my dearest sister in Christ, Sarah. She's awesome so check her out at I know she'll be absolutely thrilled to find out that she has an audience. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

First, I would like to wish everyone a blessed All Saints Day! Second, I trust that you spent your All Hallows Eve (aka Halloween) dressing up and consuming absolutely as much candy as possible. I spent my evening handing out candy in my costume and then settling in to watch my favorite show, The Sing-Off! (While of course, eating leftover candy and assorted sweets that I had swiped from my dearest siblings.) Third, Happy November! For some people, and many of my crazy writer friends, today is the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. For other people, and many of my crazy male friends, today is the beginning of No-Shave November.  For some reason, November seems to be a popular month to take on an absurd challenge with other unknown persons from around the nation.

I, myself have never participated in No-Shave November, nor do I plan to; but last year I did take part in, for the first time, National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as most participants endearingly call it). It was quite a challenge and I am sad to say that I didn't meet the 50,000 word goal that is typical to attempt to reach by the end of the month. I made it up to 20,000 words and I was 11 days in when writing 2,000 words a day just wasn't working for me anymore. This year, I've decided to pick up where I left off last year, and try to add 50,000 words to my already existing 20k. Hopefully I'll be posting regular updates on here. If not, just assume that my unfinished novel ate me.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Wonderfully Sad Occurrence

Welcome back! I'd like to say that if you're reading this I'm impressed at your faith in me returning to this blog. I seriously contemplated leaving it to sit and rot, but once I visited it for the first time in months I decided that it was to pretty to waste... anyways, how was your summer? Mine was excessively busy and filled with wonderful summerness. And what says summer more than reading? Yes, I filled my summer to the brim with books! Besides volunteering at the library I took it upon myself to find as many well written and thought provoking books as I could.  The only problem is that many of these books are tragedies or just plain sad books. Not completely depressing and demoralizing books, just books that make the average reader want to cry and rage at the author for killing or seriously maiming an otherwise lively and wonderful character. They all turn out being wonderfully bittersweet books if you read all the way to the end. Books where your favorite characters die, or have their best friends killed but in the end everything ends up being alright. Not completely happy and cheerful and perfect, but just okay. Ending up in a place with enough loss, heartache, love, and adventure that you can imagine the surviving characters going on to hopefully have another heartrending adventure.

But alas, summer is over, and at present I have not been able to do any reading other than what has been assigned to me for school. Autumn has finally fallen and I must return to doing autumny things. Until next time (I promise to come back!) I remain,

PS Due to lack of government funding, the program "Six-Word Journal" has been removed from your irregular blogging. If you miss it, or would like to see its return, please contact your local or state representative.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


As you may or may not have noticed, I'm taking a break from blogging. With school wrapping up and preparing for all my summer activities I have been quite busy. I'll try to pick up again once everything returns to normal and I'm not six-feet under my many to-do lists. Thus ends my first month of blogging...
Little Flower 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yesterday was not a good day for me. Yesterday was a good day for me.

Don't you love contradictory statements? Its kind of like that picture of the sky. Its actually a picture of the roof of a car and you can just see the sky reflected in it.

Yesterday, I got to go and see my little sister at her middle school science fair, I successfully scrunched my hair, and after I brought my sister home I got to go outside and play with my other little siblings! However, before, after, and in between those experiences things went to you know where... I missed a meeting, I went to another meeting that lasted for two and a half hours when it was supposed to last for one, I had leftover spaghetti for lunch, I bombed a test, almost-bombed another, ate a really bad taco for dinner, got a call that I am supposed to come to a graduation that I have nothing appropriate to wear to, and fell asleep in my beautifully scrunched hair still full of product so when I woke up this morning, it looked pretty whacked out.

That was my yesterday in 191 words. Now here's my yesterday in six words:
I can't wait until summer break.

PS I realize that was a rather disheartening (a word here meaning demoralizing or discouraging) post. I'll try to post something happy tomorrow. :) I need a flop day. Its much easier to write about when things go wrong rather than when things go right. I think thats partly why Murphy's Law exists, for writers. That's why all the greatest stories are tradgedies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Vandalism

BAM! I did it! I just put graffiti on my blog. Essentially, graffiti is images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property (aka, my blog) so technically, this counts!

Why did I mark in a certain manner on my property?

Because I love graffiti. I understand that it can be disrespectful when done without permission, and that it costs a lot of money to remove, but I think its fascinating. So I created my own tag.

A "tag" is the most basic writing of an artist's name, so all it really is is a writer's personalized signature.

Technically tagging my own blog is not vandalism though... I had my own permission to do it. ;)

One of my favorite graffiti artists is Banksy. He's fairly well-known and he was up for an Oscar for a documentary that he directed on street art. The coolest thing about him is not his art (which is pretty amazing) but the fact that no one knows who he is.

On another completely related topic-

Six Word Journal:
(Day Four): Excessively tiresome and rather depressing day.
(Day Five): Watched some interesting movies and slept.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Read This

Ha! If you're reading this, you have trouble following directions. So, I'll give you another chance.

Please stop reading this.

In case you were wondering why, its because this is my word journal, but its late. And I didn't want you to know, but here is my Six Word Journal Day Three (two days ago):
So busy, happy, and frustrating.

If you're still reading this, here's something you might enjoy: