Monday, October 31, 2011

A Wonderfully Sad Occurrence

Welcome back! I'd like to say that if you're reading this I'm impressed at your faith in me returning to this blog. I seriously contemplated leaving it to sit and rot, but once I visited it for the first time in months I decided that it was to pretty to waste... anyways, how was your summer? Mine was excessively busy and filled with wonderful summerness. And what says summer more than reading? Yes, I filled my summer to the brim with books! Besides volunteering at the library I took it upon myself to find as many well written and thought provoking books as I could.  The only problem is that many of these books are tragedies or just plain sad books. Not completely depressing and demoralizing books, just books that make the average reader want to cry and rage at the author for killing or seriously maiming an otherwise lively and wonderful character. They all turn out being wonderfully bittersweet books if you read all the way to the end. Books where your favorite characters die, or have their best friends killed but in the end everything ends up being alright. Not completely happy and cheerful and perfect, but just okay. Ending up in a place with enough loss, heartache, love, and adventure that you can imagine the surviving characters going on to hopefully have another heartrending adventure.

But alas, summer is over, and at present I have not been able to do any reading other than what has been assigned to me for school. Autumn has finally fallen and I must return to doing autumny things. Until next time (I promise to come back!) I remain,

PS Due to lack of government funding, the program "Six-Word Journal" has been removed from your irregular blogging. If you miss it, or would like to see its return, please contact your local or state representative.

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