Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Word of Today

I love words. I love made up words, and long complicated words. I love words in different languages, and combining several languages. I love synonyms and antonyms. I love definitions but not parts of speech. I love expanding the vocabulary of everyone around me. So, how about a word of today? I can’t say word of the day because that would mean that there would have to be a word every day, and maybe I just don’t feel like doing that. But maybe you could find your own word of the day within all these irrelevancies... Anyways, your word of today will be “irrelevant”. Some synonyms are extraneous, beside the point, inappropriate, unrelated, neither here nor there, and immaterial. An antonym would be: relevant. The definition: not applicable, not relevant or important. In Spanish: irrelevante. In French: hors de propos. In Polish: nie ma znaczenia. In Chinese: 形容词. (Can you pronounce that? Neither can I.) I guess, there's supposed to  be a point to this, but as I think I already explained, you need to find your own point, underlying truth, or end to this. Because after all, you're the reader. No matter what I write, you get to decipher (a word here meaning, to make sense of) the ending for yourself.

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