Monday, May 9, 2011

What's with the name? (Part Un!)

I thought I would give an explanation to any of you curious people out there who are wondering about my name and the name of the blog.

In my first post I explained why my blog was called "Seemingly Irrelevant", but not why my blogspot is located at competelyrelevant. Well, I'm here to tell you. When starting my blog I knew it would be irrelevant or as the Chinese would say: 形容词, so I decided to name it accordingly. Recently I have been addicted to meaningful quotes and when I found one by Edgar Allen Poe that gave me a reason to start my blog, I decided to name it after his brilliant quote. Unfortunately, a soul named Josh had already taken the seeminglyrelevant blogspot so I named mine completelyrelevant because that was what my blog was despite what it seemed. Before my blog was created, I decided to check out Josh’s to see what his seemingly relevant blog had amounted to. I was dismayed to see he had only posted once, in 2005, promising “Rantings and ravings of mad men to follow...” So Josh, one day when you get around to posting your rantings and ravings I will be there. I am following you, waiting for you to live up to an extremely inspirational quote or at least my expectations. Please follow Josh, and let him know that we here at his sister blog are following him, waiting for him to live up to a quote, or at least our expectations of a seeminly irrelevant blog.

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