Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lousy Days and Lawn Mowers

Recently I commented on a friend, Elenatintil's blog about lawn mowing. Coincidentally, I was pressed into mowing the lawn that very evening. That day was particularly abysmal (a word here meaning dreadful or lousy) for me. Work was piling up, I didn't feel well, and I ended up babysitting my little sister while trying to cook dinner. After things had calmed down, all I wanted to do was veg out in front of the TV and forget about all the math that was waiting for me when I got around to finishing my homework. Instead, I was Jedi-mind-tricked into agreeing to mow the lawn. After and hour and forty-five minutes of sweaty and the mind-numbing task of pushing a heavy, electronic version of a baby stroller with blades underneath, I felt much better. Oddly. After that, I washed up, went outside, and planted some flowers, felt ten-times better, and still didn't want to finish my math.

Six Word Journal, Day Two (yesterday):

Happy Birthday to my amazing mother!

PS In case any of you were wondering, yes, my parents' birthdays are one right after the other, and my dad is exactly 1 day older than my mom. How sweet is that? 

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